Thanks for visiting my website. As I sometimes get asked for collaborations, I thought I would write down some notes on interacting with me:

What motivates me?

TLDR: Anything sort of problem with a positive impact that can benefit from an algorithmic / AI based approach.

I very much love to tackle problems from all different kind of disciplines with methods from computer science. Here are some areas I have had past projects in:

Few things I am allergic too

Generally I am a very easy going person, however there are a some things, that I like to avoid: Please communicate deadlines early - I like to avoid last minute all-nighters.

Further, I think most of these bullet points are self-explanatory:

To summarize: If you are the kind of person looking to make a quick buck regardless of the potential externalities, we might not get along well. But if you are motivated in solving real world problems and making an impact I am keen on talking to you!

E-Mail Policy

E-Mail Policy inspired by Matt Might and Elliott Ash

I love the asynchronous nature of email. I usually reply to email once a day in a batch. I don’t mind receiving emails at late hours or on weekends (I myself sometimes send emails at odd hours), however, by sending email you implicitly agree to not expect a reply until the next business day.

Thanks for reading these notes :) .